March 26, 2015

Shouse family list released

The Shouses has released their full list of family members. Thank you to the Furly Group for providing us with the information and the remains of Dwan'Carlo Beefman for our Wednesday luncheon.


Murton Shouse
Ker Kwee Shouse
Merton W. Shouse
Frank Shouse (staple remover)
Valerie Shouse & camel
Yolanda "Shay Shay" Shouse
Quinton Shouse

A Shouse
Little Bobby Shouse
(Sneeze sound) Shouse
Horace & Beverly & Otto Shouse IV
Percy Shouse (cottage cheese)
Nermin Shouse
Benito Santiago-Shouse
peanut (Shouse)
Mitten Shouse
Kellog Shouse & raisin
Caroline The Shouse

March 11, 2015

Schlomo Sha: HIRED

Schlomo Sha has been "onboarded" and given the role of Staff Underwear Sniffer.

Sha (Deceased)

Sha Bio

Name: Schlomobosho Sha Jr.
DOB: 1/1/1908
Sex: no
Gender: no
Height: pickle
Weight: 14 grams
Partner: Leo Sha (1908-1980); Pong-Wo Sha (1977-1997); Boris Sha (1997-2011); Unknown (2011-2012); ______ Sha (2012 - Present)
Notes: Avid potato chip collector. Season ticket holder for the Milwaukee Bucks. Ate Kareem Abdul Jabbar whole (1977). Jumped from a Delta airliner, passed away, 2003

Please join us in welcoming Dr. Sha to the staff. He will assume the cubicle on the 54th floor formerly held by Brevin Ploop (ostrich).

- Staff mushroom Schlomo Sha

March 3, 2015

The Beefman Children

The following is a list of the 11 Beefman children.

[Source: J.J. Noppapopalis Sr.]

Reginald Beefman III (deceased, liverwurst on rye)
Horatio Beefman (deceased, pointing accident)
Moosh Beefman (tomato)
Dobby-Do Beefman (president - Beefman Industries, Necklenburg branch)
Daniella Beefman-Hurly (assistant manager - Paulsen Pickles & Horsefly Farm)
Vinny Babooch-the-Beefman (deceased, pencil overdose)
Raquel Beefman (the ghost of Clem Pock)
Reginald Beefman II (deceased, other half of liverwurst on rye)
Wei Chun-Ho Beefman Jr. (last seen: May, 1976 aboard a mechanical spaceship "headed for the planet Jorge" - Nunce Valley Times)
Betty Beefman (cup of grapefruit juice)
Dunston Beefman (whereabouts unknown)

February 27, 2015

**Breaking** Hu Escapes

Former Staff President John Hu, of the Idaho Hu Crime Family, has escaped from HJP.

Hu (On The Run)

No details are available at this time.

Do not attempt to approach Dr. Hu, as he is believed to be armed with multiple deadly weapons and a Koala, Herman (rumored).

- Staff Assistant Moron Pebal Fockwithe

February 24, 2015

New office opens in Bangor

The Jerk has announced the opening of a new editorial office in Bangor, Maine, staff raisin illustrator Bobby B. Queh confirmed Tuesday afternoon.

Bangor, Maine staff

Uu'Vonduwitz Shockapok - potato
Dissizzint Ah'Reelnahym - staff Fimply re-creator
Iggy Boff Jr. - assistant finger snapper
Shom Wheatley, Maude M'Lomm - soup noodles 1 and 2
Pebal Fockwithe - assistant staff moron
The Charles - wrestling coordinator
Beau Fimmons - former staff toenail
Patty Paulsen - ZeeKor 7 relations
Chip Seffle - can of garbanzo beans
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - himself
Chia Pet Smith - staff television
Edford Wolowitz - iguana relations
Faruq Bateen - dandelion
Orno Fongy - staff Staff
Vladimir Putin - president of Russia
Reggie Beefman - weapons expert
Stefan Kristensen - Staff Koala
Eeb Gozzowillow - pencil

Vacant positions

* Staff mailbox
* Barber
* Wrinkle
* Wall
* Small forward
* Red colored pencil

 [To apply: email]

February 22, 2015

Nominees announced for MacIntosh Award

The nominees for the 2015 Chubbs MacIntosh Award for excellence maintaining a bologna hair piece were announced Sunday afternoon. 2013 winner Ho-Ho Chung and Carl Poo, winner in 2008 and 2010, are the favorites. Shockingly, five-time winner Dwayne Durly was not nominated.

Nominees (% chance of winning, provided by Dominic DomDmoggio)

Ho-Ho Chung (39%)
Carl "Clem" Poo (32%)
JayShawn (11%)
Donald Voppo (8%)
Pezalea Gobfried (6%)
Anderson Phui (4%)
Hubie Selig (0%)

Ho-Ho Chung passes (4:20 pm DST)

February 19, 2015

"The Derrs are here"

"The above quote was taken from the Derr family bible, page 17, paragraph 4, words five-through-eight."

- Sutton T. Sako (mustard 7)

It's a truly-historic day at Edinson TohBackula Stadium as Futto Derr brings his family of nearly 3,700 to "the states" to institute the first-ever Derr/Pigeon Olympics. Durr, 44 in rye bread years, is hoping to have the first Olympics take place before Roscoe Crugg's 67th birthday (November 8th).

Derr (pronounced 'N'Qwan'), who has sneezed out of each of his 4 1/2 noses since this story broke, is said to have ordered 3,680 Derrs to arrive for work duty by the first of May.

The only Derrs who won't be able to attend: Antonio Derr (passed by way of lettuce attack); MeKyle Derr and his goldfish, Ronnie (previous engagements); Janice Derr (left us, rest in garbanzo beans); Yee-Sop Cho Derr (made-up person) and Patty Derr (new center for the Colorado Avalanche).

February 18, 2015

BIAA Founded

The Beefman Institute for the Assassination of Aardvarks (BIAA) has been founded by Reggie "The Rectal Thermometer" Beefman.

Beefman (Deceased)

"We wanted to really spread our knowledge, which we've gained through centuries of experience, to the masses. It just wasn't fair to this Earth to keep this information to ourself any longer."

- Reggie Beefman Jr., Co-Founder

Applications for entry can be sent to President Rainbow at

- Staff Mongoloid Oscar Rainbow

February 17, 2015

Pong hired

Hop-hee-Ju Pong has been hired as staff spaghetti, sources close to the investigation learned Tuesday afternoon.

Pong played for 11 seasons in the NBA, first for the Dallas Mavericks as a backup point guard/salamander, then for the final three seasons of his career was the center on the New York "Knickerbockers", famously swallowing whole Boston guard Dee Brown during a late-March game at "Boston Garden".

Pong then became a ham sandwich for the entirety of the 2000s, but he's recently moved in the direction of pastas and rices, according to his biographer Otis Lazlo.

"He's recently moved in the direction of pastas and rices," Lazlo's biographer, Art Corey, said to Lazlo of Pong. "And if you'll excuse me, I'll be the one to mow that ceiling fan, thank you very much."

Corey then boarded a spaceship and [zoomed] off into outer space to "cover the Moon vs. Jupiter state quarterfinals" (London Times, May, 1968).

Other Tuesday hirings include a guy hiding underneath that desk in room 125, Tripp Sandoval (staff towel rack) and the Dansbury Twins as Corey & Pierre Plouse.

Capolo names: the week that was

Capolo Henderson name list

Began: 2/10/15 at 1:37 p.m. EST
Ended:  2/17/15 at 1:37 p.m. EST

Benjamin Biggles
Gregory Fitzlemmon
Oswald Shitte
Otto Von Poopie
Phil Myers
Bert Fashermann
Otis Quigley
Wally Fump
Revaro Thumbnickel
No Name
George Jetson
Bob DaBynga
Didier Bellafunkus
Barney Bellafunkus
Alfredo Scalliopininni
Pip Bellafunkus
Walmo Feng
Yo-hoho Rackomoth
Tochinko Sanchez
Fonecahl O’Hare
Ho-ho Hasheeney
Mervin A’Ploof
Icabod Bellafunkus
Coolie O’Francis
Rearend Duchesne
Clive “The Jive” Cloiheh
Patrick Ewing
Horatio Gammons
Strooble Fonchonski
Aurelio Pock
Aguy Wunce

Pro-Hu Deboer Placed in Dungeon

February 16, 2015

President Hu Overthrown; Pock Era Begins

Staff President and international aardvark trader John Hu has been removed from office by force and sentenced to 97 years in Hey Jerk Penitentiary by incoming dictator Aurelio Pock.

"He committed crimes against the people, against the city, and murdered 'Lil Timmy Quimm."

- A representative for Staff Dictator Aurelio Pock, name unknown

Hu (Incarcerated)

Staff Dictator Aurelio Pock

Upon his capture, Hu vowed revenge on what he referred to as "The Evil Pock Conglomerate (EPC)."

No details could be obtained as to why he referred to the Pock's as evil before Hu was beaten over the head with a dead mule carcass and dragged to cell block D to begin his lengthy stay at HJP.

News from "inside sources" indicates that Pock has set up camp on the 49th floor of The Fonchonski Building, and has delegated the 97th floor, once famous for its beautiful spectator views over Rainbow Mountain, as "the death chamber."

More details to come.

- Staff Moron Bob Feathers