May 22, 2017

Bung family denies claim of employment

Mel Bung, a national champion book jacket-eating contest champion & first man to sail around the forehead of Marty Wilkins, had reportedly been offered a staff position (beach towel) Monday afternoon. The Bung family, led by Meredith Bung,

has since denied the report, stating only that Mel had been offered a side item with his turkey sandwich at a local delicatessen, Willard's.

"That's true, about the side item," said Willard's part-time server Jolynn Kramer. "It was either potato salad or coleslaw, and Mr. Bung still hasn't decided. I mean, come on, we're closing soon."

The Bung family declined further comment, though Kyle Bung, age 5, did find a quarter on the ground and plans on putting it in his piggy bank so one day he can  "buy a dinosaur."

May 17, 2017

First Yoblian lands on Earth

What is believed to be the first Yoblian from the planet Kittenear (Panda galaxy 7) arrived at the headquarters building Wednesday afternoon, causing a panic/impromptu grass-eating contest.

The creature, whose already stated he prefers to be addressed as Lenny Bergeron Jr. and likes other people's ham sandwiches, said several thousand other Yoblians will be arriving over the next few months.

"Several thousand other Yoblians will be arriving over the next few months," said Bergeron through his interpreter, rubber band.

Bergeron was full of surprises as he not only produced a signed photograph of former professional basketball player Derek Harper, but also recited the English alphabet with a mouthful of fettuccine noodles.

Derner Eaten, Hu Reinstated

Hu Returns!

Miles Derner (Deceased) was found eaten by a mule yesterday evening. As such, he has been named Staff Deceased President.

Derner (Eaten)

Taking his place will be former and new President Hu, who vows to "make changes" around here after the failure of the Derner regime (Brontosaurus).


"I'm back, and I'm making changes. First one: my diaper. All Hail President Hu!" - Hu

Please welcome President Hu at his viewing in the 1144th floor west end gymnasium, where he will be shooting layups until 6 PM EST.

- Staff Contributor Bob

Steamy Ned Hired


May 17th, 2344

Ottawa - Breaking news out of Portland today as prestigious, world-renowned blog site "Coolies 'r' Us" announced the hiring of Steamy Ned as Staff Belt Removal Technician.


Ned was drawn on a piece of old, lined paper rather than in Microsoft Paint due to the fact that an editor of this site is too lazy to open Microsoft Paint. Other than that, he has two eyes.

Ned will report directly to Staff Egypt Juan Torres.

- Staff Contributor Fob Quinkley

May 16, 2017

Bunkwell family list released

The Bunkwell family

Herman Bunkwell
Ho he-ju Pong
Tito Bunkwell (empty raisin box)
Yolanda Bunkwell
The Great Rory
Vincezo Bunkwell (giraffe photograph)
Ben Bunkwell
Benny Bunkwell
Benjamin B. Bunkwell
Herm Jr.
The Otto formerly known as Al Frederick
Ernie Bunkwell (pear tree)
Iris Bunkwell & paper clip collection
notebook paper (11 sheets)
Vanessa Bunkwell
Calvin Bunkwell + 1
Bart Bunkwell
Sasha Bunkwell (lamp shade)
Baxter Bunkwell-Boshinguss
Aunt Beatrice Bunkwell
carrot peeler
Benson Bunkwell

[Source: Yaycheeze archives]

May 11, 2017

"The Weekly Rosen"

"Derner's Back"

Miles Derner, once swallowed whole by a Rhinoceros (Wong-chi), has returned and been annointed new Staff President.

Derner (Staff President)

No further comments will be made at this time. Former Staff President Hu has been eliminated (fecal).

- Staff President Miles Derner

Pennycow Is Back (Mule)

Nardsuckle Pennycow (Mule) has risen from the dead (as was foreseen by Reech Plumscroch)

Pennycow (Mule) (Alive)

Pennycow (Mule) seems to have had a testicular-removal procedure performed since his death (ostrich) but otherwise is in good spirits.

"All hail President Hu!" - Bobby Timmons

Celebrations are being held on the 112th Floor Southeast Wing (urinals).

- Staff Contributor Oscar Rainbow Jr.

Pennycow no longer with us

The Pennycow era ended as deliciously as it began with Nardsuckle being eaten by a koala bear.

"It's exactly how he would've wanted to go," said a statement issued by the unnamed koala bear's legal defense team. "All Pennycows must be consumed whole by a koala bear while in a drive-thru line at a Bojangles. It's written, in mashed potatoes, in the scriptures."

Pennycow was responsible for several initiatives while on staff, including Take Your Mailbox to Work Day.

A funeral is scheduled for Saturday when Pennycow's remains will be sprinkled on a 10-foot hoagie and consumed by the Yaycheeze family.

Hired: Nardsuckle Pennycow (Mule)

Nardsuckle Pennycow (Mule) has been hired as Staff Cubicle.

Pennycow (Mule)

Photo Credit: Brian Gregory
Lines in Background: N/A
Magnet: Yes
Pants: Pinstripe (New York Yankee)
Ears: Not at this time
Eyeball(s): It is so
Tie: Bow
Nose: No
Arms: No
Feet: No
Hair: No
Body: No
Belt: No
Photo Credit: Paul Hewitt
Movie Credits: Rocky 112: Paul(ie) Reborn as Pete(y)

Nardsuckle (Mule) will begin work immediately; all employees are encouraged to sit on him to perform their daily work activities. Please report directly to Dr. Crugg with any HR related issues, and as always, the urinal on Floor 4-West is out of order until further notice (chicken).

- Staff Contributor Mrooble Fonchonski

May 6, 2017

Talking hamburgers



IF! YOU! DO! SUBSCRIBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Guest contributor Michaela Russo

April 30, 2017

Boopy, Tuba form alliance

After years of taco shell fights, both flour and corn, the Boopy and Tuba families have ordered a cease-Rolando and formed an historic alliance.

"It's time for our two great families to join forces and defeat the common enemy: discount office furniture depots," said Robert Boopy, 814 in bread crusts.

"This is the greatest day in the history of not only the Boopy and Tuba families, but the Torkelsons, the Yonsons, an egg salad sandwich I ate in 1995, the Jayjos, the Sandersons, the Yoncheezes, that mailbox flag over there, the Crouses, the Cronins, both in Delaware & Northeast Missouri, the Kreymaiers, a rain puddle I saw last Tuesday, the Gallegos, the Vanderells, the Yorlaps, the December 15, 2003 issue of the New York Post, the Feinsteins and the Wimplers," said Arthur Tuba, whose tree branch growing out of his back is named Terrell.

In other news, Eddie Shouse will be moving to Tempe, Arizona on June 18.