March 29, 2017

Rare photo found

Gleeve County - The family of the late Arthur Zeg has released a rare photograph of the former elevator button abuse counselor.

It's the first-known photograph of Zeg since the "Sitting in Mayonnaise" series of the late-1970s. Zeg passed earlier this month at the age of 1,046 goldfish.

His last-known phonebook was Durham, North Carolina, 2002.

October 17, 2016

Coobaw family list released

[Updated 7:10 pm]

Duane Coobaw
Dottie Coobaw (pear)
Garret & chalkboard Coobaw
Callie Coobaw
T-Bobby Coobaw
Vince Coobaw & radish (Didi)
Jo he-Jo Pong
Wally Coobaw (water slide, 1988-1992)
Herm Coobaw
Herm Coobaw Jr. (stationery)
Orestes Coobaw
Sandra & Lionel Coobaw-Meese
Terrence Washington (dandelion spores)
Everett Cochran
J.J. Coobaw III + cotton sheets
Vivian Coobaw (Harriet)
Coco Coobaw
Dorothy Coobaw
The Flying Coobaws, featuring Wingless Wayne
Ernie "Toast Crumbs" Coobaw

September 8, 2016

A story of Eggs

KERMADOR - "About that time on the mustard slide? Just bill my antelope," said Gregory Eggs to his apple tree.

And so a classic (H)american story began.

Eggs, 51 in grass stains, and his collection of empty tomato sauce cans - Catherine, Randal Jr., Debra & Carl the Can - would later relocate to a self-storage facility in South Koob (source: Nunce Valley Times, May, 1955).

Cards and letters can be given to ice cube tray, who will deliver them to the nearest camel (Rod Becker) before the long, scenic trip through rural Bly Valley and on into the foothills of the Zadd Mountains.

Eggs' family, which chose to remain pancakeless, now chooses to "toss its batter to the world", according to family spokesmailbox, black with red flag.

Eggs, during happier times
[Staff photo Jo he Jo Pong)

July 24, 2016

Hu, assistants accused of Percy persecution

John Hu, blog president for less than 12 episodes of Family Matters, has been accused of widespread Percy persecution (P.p.).

Several of Hu's cabinet members, including rubber bands (2), tacking paper, & a Chinese restaurant soy sauce packet, were also accused of the class-A misdemeanor (dry cleaner) in a report, Percy, Summer '16.

Percy Paulsen spoke in his bathrobe and a "Mo Yorlap For Governor" t-shirt on behalf of the alleged victims:

"Percy persecution? Not on my watch," Paulsen said, while searching the crowd for a watch.

New reports will be made available once certain availability levels, named C.J. Neville, are revealed by Neal (knee level).

July 18, 2016

Hu Released, Takes Over Hey Jerk Presidency

Hu has been released from his incarceration at HJ Prison, where he had been held for the previous 13 months after being found guilty of Hippo genocide.


Hu, seen here immediately following his release, was later seen  "lightly jogging" to the San Diego Zoo. His whereabouts are unknown, but it is believe he may have taken up camp in the Hippo enclave. Coded messages have been received every hour on the hour since his release, the latest of which was deciphered as:

"All Hail Hu. Hu is King."

Please join us in welcoming President Hu back (the 14th floor urinal is now off limits until further notice).

- Staff Hippo Aguy Wunce

July 16, 2016

Glo makes team

WENDELL - The West Wendell football team had its final round of roster cuts Saturday morning, and local man Terry Glo was one of 54 players to earn a spot on the 2016 team.

Glo, a tomato back/slash, will wear jersey No. 37 and begins the year 4th on the mule chart, according to head coach Morris Mur.

"The young man said things, he built things. Heck, he shoveled things when we needed him to," said Mur, in his 36th year with West Wendell.

Glo is a 3rd-generation football player, following his father, Toodle (Retz County - 1988-1992), and his grandfather, Hocco (Gribbs Waffles - 1962-1969).

West Wendell finished the 2015 season with a 9-8 record, which included a loss to Selso Valley in the first round of the Jobeek Alomar Playoffs & Olive Bar.

July 15, 2016

Gurmer family list released

Gavin Gurmer
Gail Gurmer
The Gurmer (pickle juice)
Go Go Gurmer
Tito & Klak Gurmer
Gregory Gurmer
Glips & Gurmer (Jr.)
Zoo Zoo Gurmer
Gallio Clem-Gurmer
Geetwon Gurmer
All of the other Gurmers
G.G. Gwon
Kerwin Shouse
Vince Gurmer & son (Jaleeko)
Garvey Gurmer
a German Gurmer
Eddie Gurmer
Celery Stalk
Go Go Gurmer
Gwen Gurmer (lettuce)
Yoyo Yo-Gurmer
Glen Gurmer

July 13, 2016

Voop Killed

No explanation provided.

Voop services will be held at                  .

July 9, 2016

Chulio hired

After months of interviews, Kindly Remove Yourself From My Lawn (formerly 'List of Guys Named Wayne') has made a risky hire in bringing on board Saul Chulio.

Chulio, armless since the birth of twins Henry & Hillary Bergeron (May, 2013), will take on the role of staff attorney vacated by the disappearance of former staff member and current mule marriage counselor Capolo H.

Chulio's previous experience includes acting as lead counsel in the 2002 trial of Don Didier (Didier v the people of Birmingham, AL Greyhound Station) and was part of the legal team that reunited Janine Plouse with her sunglasses (winter, 1996).

The 48-year old, a former linebacker at the University of Akron, once ate a six-page late-night appetizers menu to win a bar bet.

May 10, 2016

Poo enters race

SOOSE CITY - Norman Poo, long rumored to be against running for public office, stunned several bird cages Tuesday afternoon when the 55-year old (in pumpkins) announced he's entering the 2116 presidential race.

Poo (olive loaf), has yet to pick a running mate, though former Oklahoma Sooners swim/dive coach Burt Grouse is the front-runner.

"I'm the front-runner," said Grouse.

Poo's history in politics began when he ran for and won the local election (city TBD) in 1984, then in 1988 made his acting debut as the Vice President on the made-for-TV movie President Parakeet.

Poo's bologna sandwich, Terrance declined comment.

May 3, 2016

For Sale: 1988 Nissan Altima - Mint Condition

Car (Otis)

Name: Otis Bradberry Sr.
Year: 1988
Make: Nissan
Model: Altima
Rear Bumber: No! (Left side eaten by rabid water buffalo)
License Plate: No!
Notes: *Bumper\Trunk string not included. Hose on right side of car leaks gasoline, not considered an issue.

$9900 OBO. Call Ned 555-NEDD.